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July 16th to August 1st

" A Trip Which may change your life

 A Trip for Health Improvement and Healing Empowerment

 A Trip for in-depth exploring Asian Culture

 A Trip for Experiencing Genuine Shaolin Life and Learn Authentic Shaolin Kung Fu "



Though the Mozhaoshanfang is located in downtown of the city, it is very clean and quiet.  It is a perfect place for relaxing, meditating and tea gathering.  You may enjoy tasty Chinese Tea, delicious vegetarian food, play traditional Chinese instruments, and Zen Meditation there.


Suzhou Han'er Hotel

Han’er Hotel is located in Suzhou Industrial Park Yangcheng Lake Peninsula, adjacent to Shanghai-Nanjing high-speed Yangcheng Lake service area, it only take about 15 minutes to get the hotel from the Suzhou City Central Expressway.  The location of the hotel is very convenient, and it is a smoking-free resort hotel specially for Zen Meditation and Health Improvement.


Suzhou Changmen Gate Wall

Changmen Gate Wall is the west gate of ancient Suzhou city, which is toward the “Tiger Hill” (Hu Qiu).  One of the most important reason why Changmen gate is famous is that, this area was the most prosperous commercial street in China during the Ming and Qing Dynasties.


Niushou Mountain

Niushou Mountain also known as Tianjue Mountain, it is the one of the Four Major Attractions of Nanjing, because the shape of the peak of the mountain look like the two horns of a bull, thus it was named as “Niushou Mountain” (The Bull Head Mountain).


Tiantai Mountain

Tiantai Mountain is located in Chengdu Qionglai Area, Tiantai Town, which is 110 km from Chengdu, the capital of Sichuang Province. It is connected with Chengdu Plain and Yuxi River Valley.  The main peak called Yuxiao Peak, is 1812 meter above sea level, the shape looks like a platform towards the sky, so it was named “Tiantai Mountain” (Sky Platform Mountain). 


Guoqing Temple

Guoqing Temple is located 3 km north of Zhejiang Tiantai City.  Together with  Jinan Lingyan Temple, Zhenjiang Qixia Temple, Jiangling Yuquan Temple are called as “The Four World Wonder".  It is the birthplace of the “Tiantaizong” of Buddhism.


The Wise Man Temple

The Wise Man Temple also know as “Tatou Temple”, located at the north of Tiantai Town, at the junction of Jindiling and Yindiling.  In 597, Grandmaster Zhiyi passed away Shicheng Temple of Xinchang County, later after he passed away, the body was sent back to Tiantai.  Because Grandmaster Zhiyi is the founder of “Tiantaizong” of Buddhism, which has far-reaching influence.  In June 1982, it was renamed as “The Wise Man Temple”


Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain

Zhejiang Tiantai Mountain Tongbai Palace formerly known as Tongbai Temple, Tongbai Chong Taoist Abbey, it was the south ancestral court of “Quanzhen Sects” of Taoist. 


Grand Master Shi Deru (aka, Shawn Liu Xiangyang), founder and CEO of  International Shaolin Institute, came to the U.S. over 20 years ago, after a lifetime of immersion in Shaolin culture and martial arts. As a young child Master Liu Xiangyang entered Chan life like his mentor, Great Grand Master, spiritual Chan leader "His Holiness" Shi Suxi at the Shaolin Temple.

Back home in China, the young Liu rose to a prestigious position as one of two indoor disciples to Great Grand Master Shi Suxi, being named Shi Deru by his mentor, and becoming a 31st generation descendent of the beloved spiritual leader of the Shaolin Temple. While continuing in his studies in Shaolin Kung Fu and Shaolin Culture, Master Deru became a martial arts Master, graduated with a CMD in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) at the School of TCM in Anhui, worked as a physician at the #1 People's Hospital in the city of Wuhu, and earned a degree in Foreign Languages from Anhui Normal University.

When Great Grand Master Shi Suxi wrote to his protégé that it was his personal desire that his disciple "transmit the Chan & Martial Arts to the world," Shi Deru came to the U.S. as the torch bearer for Shaolin cultural heritage and martial arts.

In the U.S. he earned a Bachelor's in English with Minors in Biology and Psychology (Mobile College), a Master's degree in Exercise Physiology (University of South Alabama), while also quickly establishing himself and becoming a highly sought after martial arts coach. Since 1987 more than 100 top fighters and martial arts champions in the world have trained under Master Deru at his Shaolin Institute, among them; Patrick Barry, Cung Le, Robert Higginbotham, Kevin Nguyen, David Sanders, Wael Karika Muhammad, K.J. Noon, Li Jie, Juan Zarate and Melvin Guillard.

In the U.S. Shi Deru also devoted himself to making Sanshou/Sanda Kickboxing a worldwide sport, accomplishing that goal in 1993. He was so highly regarded that in 1994 he was voted Head Coach of the U.S. Wushu Sanshou Team by USAWKF (U.S.A. Wushu-Kungfu Federation) board members, board of advisors and national team competitors, leading the U.S. to victory in a number of international tournaments, winning many World Championship medals, and producing 5 World Champions in the process.

In 1995 Master Deru was voted Technical Chairman by instructors and officials of the International Wushu Federation (IWF) and IWF Pan American member countries, a position he holds to this day.


Grandmaster Liu has been hosting an inter-cultural exchange between China and America for close to two decades. The focus of these trips has been based on three main tenets: to bring Westerners to China to experience intensive training, develop a sense of self-discipline and perseverance and "grit," and share fun cultural experiences to bring both the East and West together. To achieve this, Grandmaster Liu puts Westerners, Americans, and Chinese through a physically challenging and mentally demanding training regimen of kung fu, tai chi, and sanshou, while providing fun cultural education games and activities about Chinese music, arts, Chan (Zen), and Chinese History.

This authentic Shaolin experience gives Western citizens and students an unparalleled opportunity to practice traditional kung fu, tai chi, and sanshou, learn about current and past Chinese politics, history, and culture, and provides the opportunity for long lasting relationships to bloom. Participants will also be learning from Wu Bin, Jet Li's teacher, and engaging in traditional Chinese singing and organized group activities to foster positive cultural interactions.

Grandmaster Liu delivers this experience as a fun and engaging trip for all participants involved - from traveling in and around Beijing and visiting the city's historic museums, to learning about traditional Confucianism and Daoism, to training in traditional Shaolin Kung Fu with both Master DeYang, Grandmaster Liu, and previous members of the Shaolin Demonstration Team, to exploring Shanghai and visiting the modern economic capital of Asia, Grandmaster Liu provides a challenging but thrilling adventure for its travelers to venture on.


  • Travel to 8 cities.
  • Spend 15 days engaging with Chinese citizens and students
  • Train in traditional kung fu, tai chi, and modern wushu
  • Participate in activities led by Wu Bin, Jet Li's teacher, and the Beijing Wushu Sports Team
  • Visit multiple cultural temples, pagodas, and other historic sites
  • Learn (and be tested in) simple conversational Chinese
  • Study Chan (Zen) at its source at Song Shan mountain
  • Become versed in Chinese culture, history, and current affairs
  • Certificate documenting training and accomplishments awarded
  • Participate in fun cultural exchange games and interactions to bolster intercontinental learning and truly engage in learning about modern and traditional Chinese culture



  • Insight into traditional Chinese Medicine
  • Visit Shaolin Temple
  • Take a trip on the Bullet Train
  • Cultural interaction with Chinese students and citizens
  • Learn about Confucianism and Daoism
  • Train with Master Wu Bin of the Bejing Wushu Team
  • Train with Master DeYang - master of Traditional Shaolin Kung Fu
  • Train with previous and current members of the Shaolin Demontrastion Team
  • Experience Chinese Food, Music, Arts, and Wushu



Please purchase and reserve your spot below.

Please contact directly for more information, early registration benefits, and payment plans.

Registration Pays For

  • Lodging (average 4 star hotel)
  • Your airplane ticket (to and from China out of Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport)
  • 3 meals per day
  • Any domestic travel costs within China associated with the trip
  • Museum fees
  • Performance fees
  • Training fees

Notes for Registration

Please follow up with email to if you do not receive a confirmation packet within 48 hours of registration.

Early registration receives a 10% discount, applicable until May 30th.

NOTE: Although the registration can be made anytime, the trip will wake place in China (departing America July 13th) July 15th to July 30th, with a Welcome/Arrival Day in Shanghai on July 14th. Departure from China is July 31st. Meals and lodging are both covered for July 14th and through July 31st.


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